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Streaming 101: Live from Playthrough 2019

It’s the 100th episode of the Stream Key Podcast!
This week, we bring the show full-circle with a Streaming 101 panel live from Playthrough 2019. I talk with Velokk_TV, mshoboslayer, SnoopHogTV, and xCatScratchx about the most important things to do as a streamer starting out on Twitch.

Thank you for making this possible – this show has been my passion and we plan to continue it as long as we can!

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Ready to start live streaming on Twitch or other gaming platforms but aren’t sure what you need to do to get started or how to overcome gamer stage fright? That’s where we’re here to help. With Streaming 101, you’ll learn a few of the basics so you can start on Twitch and get your first viewers.

Gearing Up for Live Streaming

If you’re brand new to live streaming, remember this: content over equipment. You can buy an expensive camera and have the best gear, but if you’re sitting there silent, you’ll never have viewers, whereas basic gear, great commentary, and fun conversation will have people sticking around.

Here’s really all you need to get started:

  • Camera – A decent webcam like the Logitech C920 is great for beginners (and a lot of pro streamers still use the C920!) as it blends good quality with an affordable price.
  • Microphone – Clear audio is essential, and gamer headset microphones don’t have the clarity that is important in live streaming. If your webcam has a mic that sounds good, go with it, but the Blue Yeti and Samson Meteor Mic are both good quality and affordable
  • Software – OBS Sudio and XSplit are both user friendly and even have free options for beginners.

Getting Over Your Nerves when Going Live

Getting in front of the camera and knowing your broadcasting to the world can be a major cause of anxiety and that stage fright can be a bigger obstacle than anything else. If you’re nervous, feeling awkward, or aren’t polished, it’s okay! Be honest and upfront, and viewers will connect with that, and the more you talk, interact, and engage, the more comfortable you’ll feel.

Keep in mind, if something goes wrong, it’s not the end of the world. Roll with adversity, make a joke, and have fun – if you’re having fun, your viewers will too, most likely. Worst case scenario – if you have a bad stream, you can come back tomorrow.

Getting Your First Viewers when Live Streaming on Twitch

Getting viewers takes time! Some gamers think they’ll have a few hundred viewers the first day, but that’s rarely the case. You need to do a bit of networking, but really, it’s just about making friends on the channel, being cool and not trying to hustle.

Join Us On Stream Key for More Streaming 101 Tips

These are just a few tips to start live streaming, but to learn more, check out our Stream Key Podcast episode 100. We’re joined by a panel of streamers who will take you back to their early days of streaming and how to have fun and even start generating an income in this Q&A session.

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