Learn to Use StreamElements Ground Control

StreamElements is a platform that lets you make the most of your stream, engage with viewers, and create great looking overlays. With their Ground Control desktop app, you can easily manage your stream right from a desktop app that lets you have access to viewers, activity like new subs, followers, and more, while you can customize hotkeys to trigger specific actions on your StreamElements so you can reward your viewers, control your chat, and run song requests.

If you’re not using Ground Control, we’re going to help you get it set up.

Setting Up StreamElements Ground Control

If you don’t have StreamElements Ground Control, go to their website: https://streamelements.com/groundcontrol and select Download Now, either for PC or for Mac, whichever one is applicable to you. Once it’s installed, it will immediately open up a box that, once authorized, will have all your information, like your filters, activities, and pending approval.

Go to the Settings option with the gear icon, and you’ll see where you need an authorization code. To get that, you’ll want to go to your StreamElements Dashboard, click channel, and go to settings. On the side, you’ll see “show secrets.” When you select that, it will show extra information, including your authorization. Copy the code, head back over to your StreamElements Ground Control box, paste the code, and you’ll be authorized!

See the Full StreamElements Ground Control Tutorial on YouTube

Check out the full tutorial with Trui, and she’ll walk you through the entire setup from start to finish! In no time, you’ll be using this convenient app to save time and improve interactions with your viewers.

Website: https://streamelements.com/groundcontrol

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