Getting Started with Stream Avatars

If you want to make your live broadcast more enjoyable and increase viewer interaction, adding Stream Avatars is a simple, fun way to do this!  To help you elevate your live broadcast, learn how to get started setting up your Stream Avatars.

Getting Stream Avatars for Your Live Stream on Twitch

Stream Avatars is only available for purchase through Steam, but once you purchase and download it, you’ll see a user dashboard and menu where you can begin the setup. You’ll want to go to Login Details first, the second tab on the left-hand menu. There, you can choose your streaming service, like Twitch, Mixer, or YouTube, and also get your channel authorization token and bot authorization token. Once you have two green checkmarks, you’re ready to go.

Choosing Your Avatar for Your Live Stream

There are a wide variety of avatar packs available to download in the Steam Workshop. When it’s done downloading, you can customize your options, but most of the default settings in gears are fine.

Where you’ll want to focus more of your energy is under the General tab of the side dashboard menu where you can customize how people get their avatar. For example, if you are just starting out and don’t have many viewers, you’ll want to set that everyone gets an avatar, but if you’ve got a larger group, only people who follow or subscribe may be eligible. You can set how and when people get their avatars.

Check Out the Full Tutorial on YouTube

This will get you started, but to learn how to customize your avatars, set up Battle Royales, and make your avatars dance, join Trui on YouTube! She’s got a full tutorial from start to finish to walk you through the ins and outs of Stream Avatars.

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