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I am a 36 year old married Father of one little Nurgling and just a dude enjoying a full time gig as a creative content creator on Twitch. I’ve been streaming since March of 2018 solely in the world of Creative, but I primarily focus on Miniature Painting, Table Top War Gaming and Terrain. Don’t let that fool you though! I also travel the country teaching classes at conventions such as Gen Con and Warfaire Weekend, I run a successful Patreon and a thriving Discord with over 500 members. I’m an award winning artist as well! Now, I bet you video game streamers are wondering, how the heck can a dude from creative, who paints tiny plastic men, teach me how to thrive on a streaming platform? Well that’s simple. Have you ever seen Twitch creative? Even more so, the miniature painting community on Twitch? It’s Very small and niche, yet I’ve built a full time income and multifaceted BUSINESS surrounding that exact niche topic. I use my charisma, people skills, networking ability, entrepreneurial experience and my GENUINE ATTITUDE to build a community, a platform and a viewership base that believes in me enough TO make this a full time career. I can help you as well, as long as you’re open to coaching and implementing the advice i can give you, and apply these skill sets while displaying a degree of patience. Not everything happens over night… but dang it, it can happen! I know i have the experience to help any streamer from any subject, be it Video Games, Creative or even Just Chatting! I hope to coach you and hang out soon! m/ Duff m/

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