If you use OBS to stream to Twitch but your streams are washed out, too dark, or the coloring is just plain off, read on. We’ll show you how to fix it and find the best OBS color and lighting settings for your streams.

Before trying to fix image issues in OBS, make sure the problem isn’t with your lighting (that is, if you’re streaming with video). If your lights are too bright or create harsh shadows,try turning them down a little or adding another light to balance out the shadows created by your key light (main light.) You can find more info about the perfect Twitch lighting setup in our lighting for streaming article.

If your lighting setup and webcam settings are fine or you’re just streaming from your screen, keep reading.

OBS Color Settings for Twitch

Screen recording streams washed out? Here’s how to fix it:

Head to your settings in OBS

OBS settings for Twitch

Click “Advanced” in the left menu and change your color range from “Partial” to “Full”

color range in OBS

Click “OK” and your streams will be in perfect color!

If your streams are too dark, try switching from “Full” to “Partial”.

OBS Lighting Settings for Video

You can adjust the lighting settings on your webcam and by switching up your lighting setup. If your webcam settings and lighting are perfect (and we’re sure they are), OBS allows for some color correction with filters. To access the filters, right-click your video screen and click “FIlters” at the bottom of the menu:

OBS filters

You’ll be taken to the following screen where you can choose from audio/video filters and effects filters. You’ll find color correction under the effects filters. To access them, right-click in the “effects” box and choose “Color Correction.”

OBS effect filters

The correction sliders will open up underneath your screen. Play around with them until it looks exactly the way you want it to:

color correction in OBS

They’ll automatically be applied so when you find the perfect balance, just click “Close” and you’re set!

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