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Articles from our Coaches

Streaming 101 Podcast

Listen to “Stream Key Podcast 100 – Streaming 101 Panel live from Playthrough 2019” on Spreaker. Streaming 101: Live from Playthrough 2019 It’s the 100th episode of the Stream Key Podcast! This week, we bring the show full-circle with a Streaming 101 panel live from Playthrough 2019. I talk with Velokk_TV, mshoboslayer, SnoopHogTV, and xCatScratchx […]

Why NOT to Self Promote on Twitch – Stream Key Podcast (#98)

Listen to “Why NOT to Self Promote, Speaking Practice, “Networking” – GamerDad & Brihtwulf (:telephone_receiver:#98)” on Spreaker. This week on the Stream Key Podcast, we talk with GamerDadNC and Brihtwulf about Twitch news and viewer topics. Discussions include why you shouldnt self promote on Twitch, how to practice and perfect speaking for streaming, and what […]

Twitch Taxes Guide – Stream Key Podcast (#91)

Listen to “Stream Key: Twitch Streaming Tips” on Spreaker. Paying Taxes as a Twitch Streamer If you’re a Twitch streamer, and you’re making some money off of it, that revenue may need to be reported on your taxes. However, filing your taxes as a live streamer is a bit different than filing taxes on a […]

Beginner Twitch Streamers – How to Choose Your Gear Setup

 Essential Gear for Beginner Twitch Streamers If you are ready to start streaming on Twitch or another platform like Mixer or YouTube, your biggest questions or concerns are probably centered around what kind of gear or equipment you’ll need. While some of the biggest names on Twitch and Mixer have invested thousands of dollars […]

Stream Avatars Tutorial – Trui

Getting Started with Stream Avatars If you want to make your live broadcast more enjoyable and increase viewer interaction, adding Stream Avatars is a simple, fun way to do this!  To help you elevate your live broadcast, learn how to get started setting up your Stream Avatars. Getting Stream Avatars for Your Live Stream on […]

How Does Game Streaming Work?

Nowadays, practically every gamer out there knows and loves live game streaming. Being able to watch others’ gameplay or stream your own has become a significant part of the gaming industry, and we certainly understand why. But, how does game streaming work exactly? Do you need specific software to do so and how do you […]

How to Stream to Twitch From a Desktop Computer

If you’re a PC gamer, streaming to Twitch is a little different than streaming from your phone, tablet, or console. While you can stream to Twitch from the app on those devices, streaming to twitch from a desktop computer requires third-party software. It can be confusing at first, but it’s actually pretty simple! To help […]

Stream Elements Ground Control Tutorial – Trui

Learn to Use StreamElements Ground Control StreamElements is a platform that lets you make the most of your stream, engage with viewers, and create great looking overlays. With their Ground Control desktop app, you can easily manage your stream right from a desktop app that lets you have access to viewers, activity like new subs, […]

10 Tips for Becoming a Twitch Streamer

At TRUstreaming, we’re all about helping you become a successful Twitch streamer. While our coaches are here to help you achieve Twitch success, there are some ways you can kickstart your Twitch streaming career. Whether you want to work your way up to Twitch Partner or you’re just looking to grow your channel, here are […]