how to set up a green screen

Using a green screen for streaming is not an absolute necessity, but it can definitely add a bit more polish and professionalism to your stream. This is especially true if your background aesthetic is more “pile of laundry” rather than “awesome collectibles and gear.”

If you’re using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to stream, you can use a chroma key effect and a green screen to replace your background for another image, or remove it altogether. To help you get started streaming like a pro, we’re going to walk you through the OBS green screen setup process.

This is Green’s Stream Green Screen Scene Guide.

Equipment to Set Up a Green Screen for Streaming

For your streaming green screen setup, the equipment list is pretty short. All you need is:

Pretty easy, right? A note about green screens: You can go as low-tech or high-tech as you want. A green sheet or fabric from a craft store, green poster board, or even a sheet of plywood painted green will get the job done. For a more professional look, the Elgato Green Screen is perfectly matched to chroma key functions and has a crisp look.

Setting Up Your Green Screen Setup for Streaming

Once you have your equipment, you want to do your physical Twitch green screen setup. Since you’ll most likely be stationary, setting up your screen is fairly simple. Try to put a few feet between you and the screen to prevent a shadow, and set your fill light or box light a few feet away from your face.

OBS Green Screen Setup

With OBS downloaded and your screen and lighting set up, you just have to do the chroma keying. Follow these simple steps:

  • Open up OBS and under Sources, click on the + icon; select Video Capture Device as your media source and choose your webcam.

  • Your webcam feed should display. If it looks good, select OK.

  • Place where on the screen you want your webcam feed to be.

  •  Right click and choose Filters

  • Select the + icon beneath the Effect Filters box and choose Chroma Key

  • Then, select the color of your background in the filter options. This may take some tweaking – try adjusting the “Similarity, Smoothness, and Key Color Spill Reduction” settings until you have a look you are satisfied with. If you’ve done everything right, you should have a clean edge around yourself and your chair for your stream.



These are the basic steps, though you can add a name for the effect layer you add, or fine tune the baseline settings. Tinker with the sliders to see how they change the settings!

Need more help with your green screen setup? Don’t be afraid to hop in our Community Discord and ask for 1-on-1 help.

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