how to get more viewers on twitch


One of the most common questions we hear is how to get more viewers on Twitch. Since Twitch sorts channels by the number of viewers, low viewership makes it hard to get found and get more viewers. It can be a tough cycle to break out of but it’s not impossible!

If you’re a new streamer, or even if you’ve been at it a while, you’re probably wondering how to get more viewers on Twitch. Read on for seven tips to help you get more views – plus info on our streaming coaches.

Here are 7 ways to get more viewers on Twitch!

  1. Make Sure Your Stream is Good Quality
  2. Pick a Good Streaming Title
  3. Get on a Schedule
  4. Announce When You’re Going Live on Social Media
  5. Collaborate With Other Streamers
  6. Choose The Right Game(s)
  7. Have Fun and Be Genuine


How to Get More Viewers on Twitch


1) Make Sure Your Stream is Good Quality

First impressions are everything. If someone clicks your stream only to find a dimly-lit, low quality video with audio that sounds like you’re trapped in a well, they’ll immediately leave and never come back. You’ve lost a viewer before they even know what you’re about! You don’t have to spend a fortune on equipment, but it’s important to make sure your video and audio are crisp.


2) Pick a Good Streaming Title

Your stream title is like a video title on YouTube or even an article headline. Tell people what you’re streaming, but make it intriguing. You can incorporate a joke, pop culture reference, or pun based on the game. Just don’t use clickbait, and be careful when saying that you’re a new streamer. Saying that you’re new gives the impression that you may not know what you’re doing. (It can be fun to say if it’s your first time playing a game, though.) Also, don’t use the word “chill” in your titles. Please.


3) Get on a Schedule

If you’ve been reading articles about how to get more viewers on Twitch, you’ve probably seen this a hundred times, but that’s because it works! When you’re on a schedule, people know when they can expect you. If you just stream whenever, how can people get into the habit of watching you? They can’t. Imagine if TV channels just aired shows whenever they wanted. No one would ever watch TV! Create a schedule, stick to it, and any other time you get to stream is just a bonus.


4) Announce When You’re Going Live on Social Media

Even though you’re on a schedule, people will probably need a reminder. Before starting your stream, post that you’ll be going live (with a link!) and the time. If you’re trying to grow your channel, you should be active on social media anyway and announcing your live streams is a great way to spread the word. Just be sure to use social media for normal posts as well – don’t turn your social media into a lifeless billboard.


5) Collaborate With Other Streamers

A big part of online content creation is sharing and collaborating with other creators. On Twitch, collaboration happens in the form of streaming with another gamer, or hosting each other’s content on your own streams. The easiest of these options is hosting each other’s content. This introduces your content to their audience in the hopes that the viewers will like what they see and come check out your channel. Hosting someone else’s content returns the favor and puts your channel in the “Live Hosts” category on Twitch, helping you gain even more exposure.


6) Choose The Right Game(s)

By now you probably know that as a new streamer, you shouldn’t stream saturated games like Fortnite or League of Legends if you want to get viewers. With thousands of channels streaming these, there’s just too much competition for a new streamer to gain an audience. When you’re starting out, we recommend new games (be one of the first!) and Steam sale games. However, you should ultimately stream something you like playing. Don’t choose a game just because you think it’ll bring in viewers. If you love Fortnite, and think you can provide a unique angle, go for it.


7) Have Fun and Be Genuine

No one wants to watch someone stream a game like it’s a chore! When you’re having fun, it shows. Interact with your viewers, be genuine, and don’t take it so seriously.



Get More Twitch Viewers With Our Streaming Coaches

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