Nowadays, practically every gamer out there knows and loves live game streaming.

Being able to watch others’ gameplay or stream your own has become a significant part of the gaming industry, and we certainly understand why.

But, how does game streaming work exactly? Do you need specific software to do so and how do you become a successful streamer? Keep reading for all of these answers, and more.

How Game Streaming Works

What Does Streaming Mean?

Before you can understand how game streaming works, you probably need to know what exactly streaming means.

Fortunately, it’s actually quite simple. Streaming is a technical term for the transmission of content over the internet to a computer or mobile device.

It takes a continuous flow of audio and visual content from one source and sends it to a recipient via the Internet.

Unlike a progressive download, streaming transmits the data to a device as needed, rather than all at once, which is why it is the quickest way to view internet-based content.


So, How Does Game Streaming Work?

Just like typical streaming, game streaming works through the transmission of a gamer’s gameplay to computers and mobile devices over the internet, commonly through Twitch.

When a gamer is streaming their gameplay, the visual (the gameplay and action, etc.) and audio content (the sound, gamer’s comments, etc.) is being continuously sent to the viewers’ devices via the internet, allowing the viewer to immediately and continuously watch the gamer live.


What Do I Need to Stream?

In order to launch a basic stream, you will need a few basic things…

Fast Wifi and Internet/Ethernet

Everyone knows that the faster the wifi, the better the stream and gaming quality.

Since streaming requires the transmission of data over the internet, you’ll need a relatively fast internet speed. If you don’t, you’ll probably experience some lagging, poor quality content, video skipping, and more. 

For best results, you should try to use a hard ethernet cable right into your system. This can be done easily on both PC and console.


Streaming Software

Unless you have an Xbox One or PS4, the next thing you’ll need is some software to help you stream your gameplay to Twitch. This will allow you to easily capture, encode, and livestream your gameplay without the use of difficult and expensive hardware. To find out which software is best for you, read our blog: Best Twitch Streaming Software on the Market.


You’ll also need a Twitch account, which is free to create. Just head to and click the “sign up” option in the top right corner.

Obviously, there are some other things you’ll need if you’re serious about streaming and really want to attract viewers, like a webcam and headphone, but if you’re simply  streaming as a hobby, that’s all you’ll need for a basic stream.


Want Help Becoming a Better Streamer?

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If so, then our expert streaming coaches are here to help you. Contact us today for all of the advice and assistance you need to experience rapid improvement.