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Coaching FAQs:

“I love streaming, but I don’t know how to teach!”

  • Don’t worry. We provide resources and help for streamers who feel qualified to help others, but don’t know much about lesson plans. If you have the drive, we have the tools.


“What’s the incentive for me?”

  • We split coaching revenue with our coaches. It’s another way to go full-time as a streamer! As you bring in more clients, you have the ability to earn a higher split, just like streaming platforms.


“Couldn’t I Just Do This Myself?”

  • You could, sure! But by working with us, we handle all the advertising, security, and payment logistics for you. Plus, you and your students get the benefit of knowing that your payments & coaching hours are guaranteed. No DM’ing, phone tag, or invoicing required. That means more time streaming, and less time doing paperwork.


“How Do I Get Clients?”

  • The best way to build your credibility as a coach is with free content. By producing high-quality video and written content you prove that you know your stuff. We partner with coaches to help author & distribute your content on every social media, so that you get maximum exposure.



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