The Coaching Cycle 

Now that you’ve got the basics set up, you’re ready to move on to the actual coaching!

The process of coaching follows a simple cycle for all new clients:

  1. Consultation Scheduling
  2. Consultation
  3. Client Confirmation
  4. Session Scheduling
  5. Session

Step 1: Schedule The Consultation

Once you have an interest in your coaching services (see Coaching 101), you will start to receive requests for coaching from potential trainees. We use consultations as a way for both coach and trainee to “test the waters,” and make sure coaching will be a good fit.


You will receive an email & dashboard notification each time a new client signs up for a consultation. Navigate to CONSULTATION REQUESTS on your account dashboard to see a list of requests.

Once on this page, you can review each of your consultation requests. You will be able to see requested time, date, requestee name, channel link, and email. 

If you’d like to move forward with a consultation, simply click SCHEDULE CONSULTATION. If for any reason the selected time will not work for you, you can deny the request and provide a reason for denial. Your client can re-request a consult at any time after this.

Once scheduled, your client will be notified. Step 1, complete!


Step 2: The Consultation

The consultation is the way you sell yourself as a coach. You’ve attracted the client’s interest; now, prove to them that you can help. Consults should take no longer than 30 minutes.

Preparing for the Consult

Prior to your first consultation with a client, it’s a good idea to briefly review their info. 

We provide a template of optional preliminary questions to every client upon registration. If they have completed these questions, be sure to review their answers prior to the consult.

Furthermore, we recommend you consider taking a quick look at their channel. The more you can understand a client before the consult begins, the better the session will go, and the more likely the client is to enjoy having you as a coach.

Connecting to the Consult

When it’s time for the consult to begin, navigate to the SESSIONS area in your account dashboard. 

  1. Find the appropriate client, time, and date, and click “View” on that session.
  2. Once expanded, click “Start Session” to connect to the video chat.

Your client essentially follows the same steps in their dashboard to connect to the session. If they have any major technical issues, please contact us.

The Consult

Once the consult begins, you take over. 

During the consultation, you should be trying to determine a few basic things about the client:

  1. What is their channel all about? 
  2. Where are they struggling to grow?
  3. What are their requests for me as a coach?
  4. Are there any other areas they did not mention, but I think I could help with?
  5. What are some specific, achievable, and actionable goals I can help them reach? 
  6. Why am I an especially good match for them as a coach? What are my selling my points?

By the end of the consult, you should have a few concrete goals set for the client, if they continue with the coaching program. Your goal here is to help them clearly see where they can go with the program, not how to get there (yet)

How exactly you reach this point is entirely up to you. You can ask the exact questions we outlined above, or use your own method.

We encourage our coaches to develop their own coaching styles based on their preferences. If you’re not sure where to start, please see Coaching 103 for more help.

Final Steps

At the end of the consult, be sure to clearly communicate the next steps for the client in the process. Many clients will need some time to consider.

If you and the client agree that coaching would be a good fit, the steps for the client to hire you as a coach are as follows:

  1. You approve the client for coaching in your dashboard
  2. Your client purchases a coaching package through our store (includes 1/2/4 coaching pts)
  3. Your client spends coaching points on your profile page for the desired number of hours

If you have completed a consult, but are still waiting on a client to decide, we encourage you to reach out to them via email or DM. Following-up with clients you have already met with is a powerful way to help convince the client you are committed.


Step 3: New Client Confirmation

The process of confirming a new client is exactly as just outlined:

  1. Your client purchases a coaching package through our store.
  2. You approve the client for coaching in your dashboard.
  3. Your client spends coaching points on your profile page for the desired number of hours.

If you’ve made it through this process, congratulations – you just secured a new client!


Step 4: Scheduling Sessions

Once your new client is confirmed, you can begin scheduling regular sessions.

The session scheduling system is very similar to the consultation schedule process:

  1. Navigate to the “CLIENTS section of your account dashboard.
  2. Select the appropriate client
  3. Under the “Schedule” area of the client’s info, select “CREATE SESSION”
  4. Select a time + date, set the duration to 1, and write a brief description of what you will discuss during the session. You may also upload a lesson plan if you prefer.

Be sure to coordinate with your client via DM to determine a time/date that works for both of you.

Step 5: Regular Sessions

You’ve finally made it! Regular Sessions are the bread and butter of the coaching program.

Preparing for the Session

With the consult complete, you should now focus on creating a plan to help the client reach their goals.

Your client spends Coaching Hours in exchange for your coaching. A Coaching Hour is split into two parts:

  1. Time spent reviewing a client’s stream + preparing a lesson plan (Prep Work) (30min)
  2. Direct 1-on-1 video coaching calls (Sessions) (30min)

This is the basic time structure of the program. You are free to go over 30mins for each if you would like, but understand that you will NOT receive any difference in pay cut. Please try not to have sessions last less than 30mins, as this is the standard that clients are paying for.

We strongly recommend creating a short Lesson Plan for each coaching session. These can be uploaded for each new session in the Sessions tab. Having a Lesson Plan prepared is a good way to ensure that you are protected from any potential coaching accusations from bad clients.


Connecting to the Session

Joining a Session is identical to joining Consults:

  1. Navigate to the SESSIONS area in your account dashboard
  2. Find the appropriate client, time, and date, and click “View” on that session.
  3. Once expanded, click “Start Session” to connect to the video chat.

Again, your client should follow the same procedure on his or her dashboard.

The Session

The consultation gives you a framework for how to move forward with coaching in the regular sessions. 

Sessions follow a simple process:

  1. Review the client’s long-term and short-term goals.
  2. Review progress towards those goals since the last Session.
  3. (if needed) Propose new strategies to reach those goals.
  4. Give feedback generally on the channel as a whole.
  5. (optional) Provide guidance on new opportunities or challenges for the client to pursue (sponsorships, collaborations, new content platform, etc.)

Assignments are our built-in method of giving clients “homework” between sessions. During a Session, you can click the “CREATE ASSIGNMENT” button below the video chat to get started. 

  1. Give a title, brief description, and start/due date for the assignment
    1. (example: “Tweet 5 times before going live”)
  2. Change the “Status” dropdown to either Not Started, In Progress, or Complete depending on the status of the assignment.
    1. Outside of Sessions, you can edit the status of an Assignment (or create a new one)  by navigating to CLIENTS > Name of Client > Assignments at the bottom of the client page. You may want to create a new assignment as the result of a DM.

As long as you are discussing these core points, and giving actionable assignments, your client should see progress. Remember, we encourage our coaches to develop a unique coaching style of their own. These points are simply a guiding template. 

If you need help with specific questions that a client has, consider looking to our Coaching Resources for help videos, or Contact Us.

Rinse and Repeat

That’s it! How to be a TRUstreaming coach, in a nutshell.

If you’d like more specific strategies on how to sell yourself and succeed as a coach, please take a look at Coaching 103: How to be a Great Coach.