Welcome to TRUstreaming, Coach!

We are so excited to have you join our team of streaming coaches for Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Facebook, Dlive, and Caffeine.

TRUstreaming is designed to be a platform for new & experienced streamers to meet. We provide the space, marketing, tools, and capital to get you started. It’s up to YOU to decide how far you will take the program!

We’ve put together a basic guide on everything you need to know to get started.


Step 1: Set up your Profile

To start, please complete your public profile so that potential clients can find you!

Profile Page

Log into the site and navigate to Client Area > My Account > Profile.

Here, you can update most of your public-facing info such as:

  • Social Media Accounts 
  • Avatar
  • Preferences (categories streamed, style, etc)
  • Timezone
  • Bio

Once all this is completed, you’re ready for the next step.

Step 2: Set up Availability

We have a new self-scheduling availability system!

To find it, navigate to My Account > Calendar

Please watch this video for a guide on how to set your availability sessions.

Please be sure to update your availability from week to week, or set recurring sessions.


Step 3: Acquiring Clients

Finally, the meat and potatoes of the program. Now that you’re set up, you need some students!

There are three main methods you can use to find new coaching clients.


  • Paid Advertising


    1. TRUstreaming is dedicated to providing paid advertising for you as a coach, and the program as a whole. We will work with you to create high-quality video content for platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram that will help you reach a broad audience with your service. 
    2. Monthly live Q&A sessions on the TRUstreaming website will be an option you can sign up for sometime after launch, and will be heavily promoted. 
    3. However, we will only put into you what you put into yourselves. Naturally, we will be more excited to feature coaches that are working hard to market in their own means as well, and build a proven track record. That brings us to our next method:



  • Coach-created Content


      1. Creating public content like blog articles, video guides, and podcasts is a GREAT way to market yourself as a coach. We will feature any content that you produce on our site, and are also likely to use it for paid advertising.
        • Valuable public content helps get eyes on you as a coach, and also builds your credibility. Taking initiative to make your own content is the fastest way to attract and secure new clients.


  • Word of Mouth


    1. If you’re a coach in our program, you probably also have a community that is interested in you as a streamer. In beta tests, we found that many of our coaches’ communities were eager to be a part of their coaching work. Reach out to your community to find a great base group of users that you can work with!
      • This should NOT be seen as a “sellout” move. For many streamers, answering stream-related questions from viewers is a part of daily life. TRUstreaming is meant to be a platform where you can justify going in-depth with more ambitious members of your community. 


You now know the basics of how to get set up with TRUstreaming as a coach. 

If you have your first client, you’re ready to move on to Coaching 102: How to Navigate Coaching Sessions.