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10 Tips for Becoming a Twitch Streamer

At TRUstreaming, we’re all about helping you become a successful Twitch streamer. While our coaches are here to help you achieve Twitch success, there are some ways you can kickstart your Twitch streaming career. Whether you want to work your way up to Twitch Partner or you’re just looking to grow your channel, here are […]

Moderators: The real MVPs

Almost every channel has one; almost every channel needs one. The viewer who takes their relationship to the next level with a content creator and offers to balance the zen in chat and to solemnly swear to spank those up to no good. A wizard zenyatta skin would be pretty dope, yeah? The viewer who […]

4 Ways To Improve on Social Media for Twitch

So you’re going to be a streaming superstar. You’ve been streaming for a bit, feel like you’ve got everything nailed down and now you want to start meeting some new people. So what’s the best way to get engaged on social media? Skip the hashtags and mentions So you’re walking down the street and you […]

HOSTING on Twitch

Hosting is one the most powerful ways to see growth on Twitch Chances are, you know of at least one streamer who has been lucky enough to get a huge host. Twitch hosts are exciting! They can bring tons of new eyes to your stream, and help to jump-start a stream towards success. However, while getting hosts […]

How to Use TWITTER as a Twitch Streamer

Twitter is arguably THE social media to use as a Twitch Streamer You’d be hard pressed to find a large streamer that doesn’t Tweet constantly, and some even tell their viewers how great it is. So clearly, Twitter is a big deal. The question is… what’s the best way to use it? Fortunately for us, Twitter has […]

Setting GOALS on Twitch

There’s a lot of advice out there about Twitch Goals. With 2018 in full swing, I’ve noticed a lot of talk about setting new Twitch goals from big and small streamers alike. I’ve also noticed a lot of different opinions on what “good” goal-setting looks like, and debate over whether setting goals even matters at all. […]