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Advanced Streaming Tips

The Best OBS Color and Lighting Settings for Twitch

If you use OBS to stream to Twitch but your streams are washed out, too dark, or the coloring is just plain off, read on. We’ll show you how to fix it and find the best OBS color and lighting settings for your streams. Before trying to fix image issues in OBS, make sure the […]

The Best OBS Settings for Twitch

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a popular Twitch streaming software and it’s a favorite here at TRUstreaming. It’s a free, open-source software designed for streaming on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, Facebook Live, and Twitter/Periscope Today we’re going to go over how to set up OBS for Twitch and how to find the best settings. Installing and […]

How to Set Up a Green Screen for Streaming

Using a green screen for streaming is not an absolute necessity, but it can definitely add a bit more polish and professionalism to your stream. This is especially true if your background aesthetic is more “pile of laundry” rather than “awesome collectibles and gear.” If you’re using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to stream, you can […]

BEST GAMES to Stream on Twitch – Sep. 2019

  Welcome to our first Twitch Games Tier List! This is our new segment where each month, we’ll break down the best games to stream on Twitch. If you’re not sure what you want to stream and need some suggestions, this is a great place to start. Viewership on Twitch fluctuates a lot, and sometimes […]

How to Get a Sub Button on Twitch

If you’re ready to start making money on Twitch, getting subscribers is the most reliable path. That’s because subscribers support your channel on a monthly, predictable basis. While there are several paths to profit through Twitch – ad revenue, selling merch, donations, etc – consistent income is going to come in the form of subscribers. […]