Can You Change Name on Twitch

When you opened your Twitch account, did you pick a trendy username that you once liked but now you’ve either grown out of or is completely dated (I’m looking at you, SlenderMan6000)?

Do you want a more creative username that not only reflects your gamer persona, but will also help you build a brand so you can start making money on Twitch?

Until recently, if you didn’t like your username, you were pretty much out of luck as there was no way to change your username on Twitch. In fact, the ability to change your username was probably the most requested feature from Twitch streamers.  It took a few years for  Twitch to come through and make it possible to change your channel name.

Now that you can, it’s actually really easy.


Step-By-Step Instructions to Change Your Twitch Name


Step One: Log In to Your Twitch Account

To change your Twitch name, the first thing you have to do is log in to your Twitch account.

Already there? You’re doing amazing. Move on to step two.


Step Two: Go to Settings

Your next step is to get to your user settings. If you’ve never been there, click on your personal icon in the top right corner of the screen, and a drop down menu will appear. Settings is down toward the bottom, as you’ll see in the picture below (look for the red arrow!).

Step Three: Change Your Twitch Name

When you’re on your settings page, it automatically defaults to your profile settings. The second display box is your username, and beside it, you’ll see where it says EDIT (assuming your account is over 60 days old). Simply click EDIT, and type in your new username (So long SlenderMan6000!).

You may have a pencil icon, instead, and that’s okay. Just click on it and type in your new username.

If you’ve entered an invalid username or one that’s already taken, you’ll get a pop-up message telling you to try another option. If your new username is available, you’ll get a green check mark showing that you can claim that name.

Step Four: Finalizing Your Twitch Name

Finally, you simply have to click on the Update button and put in your password to verify that you’re accepting the changes. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about updating your channel URL, Twitch does that for you automatically.

Before you finalize, make sure you’re happy with your username because once you do, you can’t change it for 60 days.



Will Changing Your Twitch Name Lose Subscribers/Followers?

The great thing about changing your username is you won’t lose any followers or subscribers, because your account doesn’t change. Instead, your followers and subscribers will simply see your new username displayed!


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