Welcome to our first Twitch Games Tier List!

This is our new segment where each month, we’ll break down the best games to stream on Twitch. If you’re not sure what you want to stream and need some suggestions, this is a great place to start.

Viewership on Twitch fluctuates a lot, and sometimes it’s hard to know what games have the most potential for growth. This is a list of the top 100 most-watched games, sorted by Average Viewer Ratio. Average Viewer Ratio is the number of channels in a game directory divided by the number of total viewers in that directory.  

If League of Legends has an AVR of 20, that means there’s an average of 20 viewers in each League of Legends channel. 

A higher AVR means that viewers want more content! 

If you want more info on the specifics of how we got the data for this tier list, please check out this video/post for the full details. 

Lastly, please note that this list is primarily tailored for streamers with less than 100 average viewers. If you’re already past that mark, this probably won’t be for you.

With that out of the way, let’s jump into the list!


S+ Tier (100 Viewer Mark)


Hearthstone continues to be the best game to stream on Twitch for anyone with less than 100 viewers. It has an AVR of 120 this month, which means viewers are always looking for new Hearthstone streamers to watch. 


  • Skill rating and collection size matter. Viewers prefer to see streamers who are ranked highly on the competitive latter, and that have large collections of cards to show off. 
  • Hearthstone is great for interaction. Since there’s a lot of waiting during Hearthstone games, it’s the perfect time to interact with viewers, and probably explains why so many people love watching it. 
  • Pro-level events probably skew its AVR a bit higher than it really is.  
  • Has a very low average number of channels at 133. For comparison, League of Legends has an average of 2468 channels.


A Tier (90 Viewer Mark)

Super Mario Maker 2

This recent release is mega-popular on Twitch due to how interactive it is. One of the most popular features of this directory is Viewer Levels. Streamers take custom level submissions from their viewers, then attempt to clear them on stream. This allows the viewer to feel extremely engaged and invested in what the streamer is doing. 


  • This probably won’t stay popular for too long. But it’s hard to say. Some Nintendo games, like the Pokemon series, maintain dedicated viewing audiences long past initial release.


Dota 2

Dota retains a better overall average channel viewership than its competitor, League of Legends. However if you want to succeed in this directory, you’ll need lots of experience with the game. Overall Dota 2 viewership tends to spike around The International, so that’s a great time to capitalize on increased interest (just don’t stream DURING the event hours). 


StarCraft II

Despite its age, Starcraft II has a surprisingly active Twitch viewership. The majority of top SC2 streams are dominated by pro events, or commentary & analysis of pro matches. Like Dota 2, you will need a great deal of experience with this game to succeed. But if you know your stuff, the opportunity is immense. Averaging just 15 viewers will place you in the top few rows of the directory.


Magic: The Gathering

Hearthstone’s younger (or older?) sibling is another great game for streamers looking to grow. Since it’s relatively new to Twitch, the Magic directory is very accessible for streamers who want to incorporate it. You don’t need years of experience and thousands of cards to succeed. If you have experience playing the original card game, you can use that expertise & nostalgia to further boost your content quality. Like Hearthstone, Magic also offers abundant downtime for interaction with viewers. 


B Tier (70 Viewer Mark)


Ever since GTAV’s explosion earlier this year thanks to the NoPixel server streams, it has remained a mega-popular game on Twitch. GTA offers amazing opportunities to be creative as a streamer, especially if you are into the RP elements. Viewership has fallen slightly since Spring of this year, but there are still about 90k viewers in this directory most days. If you’re a streamer who specializes in comedy, improvisation, and character development, this could be a great fit for you.


Teamfight Tactics

Riot’s uber-popular autobattler has exploded onto the streaming scene. Like card games, TFT is especially compatible with streaming thanks to the ample amount of downtime between rounds. Since it’s a new title, now is a perfect time to get in at the ground level and establish yourself in this directory. TFT is also great for interacting with viewers, whether that means inviting them to lobbies with you, or working together to think of powerful synergies and strategies. With Riot Games backing the title, it’s a safe long-term bet for streamers too.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses

This Switch title has been met with incredible reviews across the industry, and viewers are flocking to see what all the hype is about. Switch games tend to be especially good for streaming, due to how difficult it is to stream with a Switch. Since there is no built in streaming app on the console, streamers must also purchase a capture card + PC (an expensive investment). However, that means if you have the tools to stream it, you’ll have less competition in the game directory.


  • As a story-driven game, Three Houses is unlikely to remain popular for too long. If you want to stream it, be sure to capitalize on the hype now, and have a backup plan for your next game when the excitement dies down.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Smash saw a huge boost in recent months, thanks mostly to major tournaments like EVO and Super Smash Con. We will likely see Smash dip down in relative viewership in the next few months, but it’s still a solid game for streamers even without tourney coverage. Like Fire Emblem, Smash has the benefit of being a Switch title, which means less competition. Smash also is great for viewer interaction. It has everything from viewer arenas, to custom stages, to online tournaments. The major difference from Fire Emblem? Smash is a much smarter long-term game for your channel, as Nintendo will be supporting the title for years to come. 


World of Warcraft

With WoW Classic fresh out of the gates, the hype for this game is massive. Spearheaded by mega-streamers like Asmongold, WoW has seen a huge resurgence in viewership on Twitch. Since WoW Classic and WoW Retail are under the same Twitch directory, it’s likely we will see WoW at the top of Twitch for a long time. However, succeeding in this directory can be hard. It’s easy to get sucked into the mindless grinding of MMOs as a streamer, which is often the kiss of death for chat engagement. Do your best to stay actively chatting with your viewers, and if possible, find ways to make yourself stand out from the crowd. That could be through world-first achievements, external YouTube content, character RP streaming, or many other methods. 



C Tier (50 Viewer Mark)

Dota Underlords

Valve’s attempt at the autochess genre hasn’t been quite as successful as it’s rival, Teamfight Tactics. Autochess has fewer streamers than TFT, which means less competition – problem is, it also has markedly less viewership. Worse still, Underlords hasn’t done a great job of supporting the game via post-launch events, unlike TFT’s recent Twitch Rivals tournaments. However, the autochess genre as a whole is still very new, so it will take some time to see how these competing games play out. If you’re an OG fan of the Dota universe, or have a particular knack for Underlords, you can still see solid growth in this Twitch directory.


Oxygen Not Included

One of the hidden gems on this month’s list! ONI is Klei’s new space simulation game, released in July of this year. Since launch, it’s retained solid viewership on Twitch, and might be a smart play for streamers who are looking to try something different. It’s still too soon to say whether this game will be a long-term contender, but if space or simulation games are your thing, we recommend taking a shot at ONI this month.


Old School Runescape

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Month after month, OSRS remains a solid game for growth and viewership on Twitch. Interest in the game is slightly declining overall, but it’s likely to remain on this list until the end of the year at least. If you still feel nostalgia for this classic, OSRS is a great game to build a community around for your stream.


League of Legends

Barely creeping onto the list that OTHER Riot game, League of Legends. League saw a notable resurgence earlier this year thanks to the decline of BR games on Twitch, and many old players are returning to check out the game. With Worlds season just around the corner, hype for League will hit its routine yearly peak in October-November of this year. We won’t sugar coat it – growing in this directory is hard. To succeed, we recommend that you consider creating additional YouTube content, specialize in a champion, and do anything else you can to stand out from the crowd. In this directory, being good isn’t enough. You’ll need something truly unique to find growth on your stream. But if you can find it, the ceiling for growth is astronomical.