So you’re going to be a streaming superstar. You’ve been streaming for a bit, feel like you’ve got everything nailed down and now you want to start meeting some new people. So what’s the best way to get engaged on social media?

Skip the hashtags and mentions

So you’re walking down the street and you see someone on the corner. They look nice enough, you think you could be friends with them. Suddenly their head starts spinning and they start screaming things they like at anyone who will look at them. Sounds fun right? Yea, didn’t think so. Don’t be the crazy on the corner, write a nice clean tweet that says something about you and what you’re trying to convey. This goes for both Mentions and Hashtags, keep it clean and to things that matter.

Know who you’re interacting with

You know when you go to the same coffee shop once or twice a week and the staff remember smalls things about you?  Feels good, I know. Take the same approach to the people you’re interacting with even if you’ve just met them. Spend a few minutes and read over their profile. Looking at what they tweet, as well as what’s in their bio. These 2 simple things will help you understand the people and how best to interact with them.

Don’t resort to trickery

This one right here really gets my goose. Someone you’ve never met follows you, you follow back, and a week later you’re checking their profile for something to do with a conversation you’re having with them when you notice something odd. They aren’t following you. DO. NOT. BE. THAT. PERSON. If you’re going to follow someone do it because you enjoy what they’re all about, don’t do it for personal gain exclusively.

Be wholesome

Be honest, be real, do what works for you. This is less a social media tip and more a general life tip. You’re going to have a better time if you’re genuine, and helpful. Building credit and karma with those around you will result in more interactions for both of you, and a better reach as a result.

These practices and mindsets have been highly beneficial in creating a disproportionate amount of interaction and reach for me while maintaining a healthy and active following. All in all these 4 approaches will help the majority of creators regardless of size build a great social media presence that makes people WANT to be a part of your community.